Department Of Electronics & Communication Department

Electronics & Communication Department at Seemant Institute of Technology has consistently served as a genesis of engineers of excellent caliber in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering for more than a decade now. It proudly savors the reputation of being one of the best departments in shaping the students for the field in which they are going to serve. As being one of the oldest Self financing institutions in this region, students of this EC branch became entrepreneurs and corporate heads - the vivid reason being the splendid knowledge that the students are imparted with all facilities.

Department Faculties

  Mr.Devendra Giri(HOD)
Assistant  Professor
B.Tech, M.Tech
  Mr. Pradeep K. Bhatt Assistant  Professor B.Tech. M.Tech
  Ms.Nivedita Bisht  Assistant  Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
  Ms.Geeta Dhyani Assistant  Professor   B.Tech, M.Tech
Mr. Sumit Joshi Assistant  Professor

B.Tech, M.Tech,

M.B.A (H.R),PhD(P)
  Mr.Lalit Kumar Assistant  Professor B.Tech, M.Tech,PhD(P)


  Mr. Manish Parmar Assistant  Professor B.Tech, M.Tech



Department Laboratories

Analog integrated Circuit Lab  Analog Communication Lab
PCB Lab Digital Communication Lab
Microprocessor Lab DSP Lab
Microwave Lab Electronics Measurment Lab
 Seminar Lab  Project Lab